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Basis for the Green Economy

Plantum is the Dutch association for the plant reproduction material sector. The members of Plantum are active in breeding, propagation, production and trade of seeds, bulbs, tubers, cuttings and young plants.

Plantum represents and promotes the interests of its members and, on behalf of the sector, acts as a discussion partner with government bodies and interest groups. Plantum’s focus is on consolidating the competitive position of the sector and of the groups of affiliated members on an international level. Plantum also initiates new developments and serves as a source of information for companies.

Fact sheets
Plantum represents the common interests of its members. This means that Plantum takes positions in political and social debates. Plantum's vision on these issues is described in our fact sheets.

Plantum enjoys broad national and international recognition as an authority and expert proponent of the interests of the plant reproduction material sector in the Netherlands.

Plantum is an association with members and a secretariat. The association is comprised of a governing board, thematic Standing committees and departments for Ornamentals, Agriculture, Vegetable seeds and Vegetable plants. These units all include various crops groups and working parties.

The Dutch government developed a brochure about the Dutch seed sector, 'Your partner in quality seed'. In the brochure, the vision of the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Development Cooperation and Trade reflects the importance of plant reproduction material and the role the Netherlands plays in this field in this area.

Thematic Standing committees
The main issues below give a brief overview of the priorities applied by Plantum in its lobbying activities and when representing the interests of the sector.

10 good reasons to be a member of Plantum
Your problem, our concern
1. We are committed to the collective interest. Where possible we use our (inter)national network to help solving problems gor our members.

We keep you informed
2. Every day the most recent developments in the sector and the activities developed by Plantum are placed on the member website. Each month a printed newsletter (in Dutch) is send to our members.
3. Plantum keeps you informed about upcoming meetings; meeting documents can be downloaded from the member website.
4. Through our excursions and theme days we will inform you about specific topics. These are good times to ask questions directly to the employees of Plantum.
5. In the working groups on specific subjects, knowledge exchange with colleagues and joint actions are planned. There are standing committees on IP, biodiversity, biotechnology, research, employment rules, law, eco-seeds, export/phyto and imago in society.

Professional advice
6. The most diverse questions can be asked, such as on plant variety protection, phytosanitary obstacles or collective sales agreements.

7. You can use the General Terms and Conditions that Plantum has developed for various sectors. These conditions are available in multiple languages. There are also conditions our advice for growing seeds, a model research contract and a non-GMO statement.
8. Plantum supports companies in joint boot (pre-competitive) research and promotional activities.

9. Members of Plantum receive a discount of 50% on the cultivation and use of agricultural crops research.

Your company in the limelight
10. Through its international Companies Database, Plantum promotes your company for free in the Netherlands and abroad.

Natural and legal persons conducting business activities in

  • breeding agricultural and horticultural crops and/or;
  • the cultivation of plant reproduction material, propagation and growing, and/or;
  • trade in plant reproduction material,

can become a member of Plantum. Please return the completed application form (doc, 104KB) addressed to the Director, to Plantum, Vossenburchkade 68, 2805 PC, Gouda, The Netherlands. The application will be handled by the Board within three months. The contribution fee is determined based on the turnover in plant reproduction material.

More information
For more information about membership or to receive an info-pack, please contact us via info@plantum.nl or 0031 182 68 86 68.





Vossenburchkade 68
2805 PC Gouda

+31 (0) 182 68 86 68
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