About Plantum

Plantum companies work for the agricultural, vegetable, fruit and floriculture sectors. Plantum
is committed to their interests. We act as a discussion partner for governments, politicians and
interest groups. Strengthening the international competitive position of the sector and of
groups of affiliated members is central to this. We are also the initiator of new
developments and a source of information for companies.

Our vision

We envisage a world in which an economically healthy, innovative and multiform seeds
and young plants sector from the Netherlands makes a maximum contribution to important
development goals for the entire world, such as food security and quality, sustainability
of agriculture and horticulture, product quality and diversity and well-being in a healthy
living environment.

Our mission

Together, we work on a fit, strong and sustainable sector for seeds and young plants.
We do this through lobbying, industry development, supporting members
and promoting meetings and collaboration.

Plantum’s strategy (2023-2027) focuses on three pillars

Plantum_Icon_Duurzaamheid2 kopie

Making a decisive contribution to the further sustainability of agriculture and horticulture.

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An effective intellectual property right and wide access to genetic resources and breeding methods. Those are the basic conditions for innovation.

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Practicable phytosanitary systems worldwide and clear regulations.