Genetic variation must be widely available

Biodiversity, and genetic resources in particular, are the basic material for plant breeding. To develop new plant varieties, breeders need parent material for their crossings. They mainly use modern (commercial) varieties and research material. They supplement this with genetic sources from nature or land varieties. Biodiversity is the basis of plant breeding. Wider genetic diversity means that breeders and ultimately growers have more choice. It is therefore essential that all breeders have access to the available genetic variation. No or poor access limits innovation, thereby threatening food security and biodiversity.

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Plantum is committed to the exchange of genetic material under reasonable conditions. No or poor access limits innovation, thereby threatening food security and biodiversity.

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    Many crossings

    The development of a new, successful plant variety requires many crossings between plants with the desired properties. The more biodiversity is used, the more diverse the range of available varieties is. 

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    People and nature

    The genetic sources from nature or land varieties contain possibly essential properties, such as resistance to diseases and pests or properties that make the plant resilient to climate change. Not only nature creates biodiversity, humans do so too. Commercial varieties and other plant material form the basis of new varieties.

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    Agreements, laid down in various treaties, regulate the use of genetic biodiversity in a good and fair way. Such international rules should help countries encourage the use of genetic resources.  

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By biodiversity, or genetic resources, we mean the multitude and genetic diversity of plants, animals and other organisms. Biodiversity is important for all life on earth, including humans. Biodiversity allows life to adapt to changing circumstances. Plants form the basis of many products and ingredients, feed us and make the world more beautiful.

With its work, Plantum contributes to SDG target #15