Symposium ‘Plant Resilience Innovations Through the Chain’

11 | 07 | 2024

Last year’s symposia on future proof seeds at Seed Meets Technology focused on innovative crop protection solutions for seeds. This year’s symposium broadens the horizon: How to grow a resilient crop, making use of innovations in all links of the production chain.


The whole chain

In this symposium the whole chain will be reviewed; a breeder, a seed improvement company, a plant raiser and a representative of the growers along with the processors of the vegetable industry. Each facet of the chain will speak about their experiences, innovations, knowledge and view on resilience. Apart from their own contribution, they will also reflect on expectations for other partners in the chain, to achieve resilient future proof crops. You can find the whole programme here.


On behalf of Plantum and Vertify we would like to welcome you to this symposium.


Reserve the date now: Tuesday 24 September 01.30-03.00 PM and please register.

Symposium ‘Plant Resilience Innovations Through the Chain’

Tuesday, 24 September, 13:30 – 15:00

Language: English

This program item has a limited number of seats.

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