united for Dutch seeds and young plants

Plantum is the trade association for 300 companies in the breeding, propagation and cultivation of seeds and young plants.


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Making a decisive contribution to the further sustainability of agriculture and horticulture.

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An effective intellectual property right and wide access to genetic resources and breeding methods. Those are the basic conditions for innovation.

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Practicable phytosanitary systems worldwide and clear regulations.


The seeds and young plants sector is a dynamic and international environment that is constantly changing. This requires Plantum, just like its members, to focus outward and to be able to respond quickly to changing (market) conditions. Crucial to this is intensive collaboration with adjoining organisations on dossiers and continuously
working on strong international contacts through an active contribution by the association and its members in international organisations.

To maintain and strengthen the sector’s licence to operate, in addition to the current dialogue with politicians and national governments, the policy implemented around proactive communication towards stakeholders, NGOs, media and teachers
will be intensified in which the association tells the positive and transparent ‘story of the sector’, based on quantitative data.

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