Dutch Seed Symposium

At the Dutch Seed Symposium an interesting spectrum of issues about seeds and seed physiology is
presented by international researchers, aiming to give the participants a broad perspective of the
present state of the art in seed science, bringing science and business together.
The presentations as well as the participants are interesting and stimulating for everyone who is
involved with seeds in their profession. The Dutch Seed Symposium also provides a great opportunity
to meet and talk to a broad range of people active in the seed industry.

You are welcome to join the Symposium starting 09.00-09.30 hours registration with coffee/tea and closing 17.10 – 18.00 hours with drinks and snacks.

The Dutch Seed Symposium is an initiative of Dutch seed companies, associated with Plantum.

Register and contact

View the program of the 11th Dutch Seed Symposium 2023

You can register here, until September 28th 2023.

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For questions you can contact Monique van Vegchel.