Algemene voorwaarden

Condition of trade and delivery

Plantum has drawn up trade and delivery conditions for a number of sub-sectors within the seeds and young plants sector. These conditions are set out below.


When concluding agreements, the parties can submit this dispute to an arbitration committee if a dispute arises as a result of or in connection with the execution of the agreement. If the parties opt for this, they must agree to do so in writing. In that case, the ordinary civil court will declare itself incompetent if a party nevertheless submits the dispute to that court.

Plantum has drawn up arbitration regulations for litigation. If the parties wish to settle the dispute in accordance with Plantum’s regulations, the agreement must specifically refer to these regulations. These regulations are intended for concluding national agreements.

In the case of an international agreement (one of the parties does not have its head office in the Netherlands) regarding the trade in seeds, it is recommended to use the arbitration regulations of the International Seed Federation (ISF). These regulations can be found at